Why Nature Stories: Made in Naija?

Do you like interesting stories? Are you curious about nature in Nigeria, and the work that goes into protecting it? Welcome here!

This is a newsletter/podcast bringing you interesting stories of nature conservation work in Nigeria and the people behind it (but I will occasionally sneak in something from another part of the world when I just can’t resist). 

With this publication, I want to open up the world of nature conservation in Nigeria to you: to show you why nature conservation concerns everyone (not just environmentalists) and how you can get involved. I hope these stories will inspire you to be more proactive about engaging with nature and making a difference for conservation. 

I also hope to equip young Nigerians to pursue careers in natural/environmental sciences, so you can also expect me to share resources and local opportunities for people who are working in, or trying to get into the field.

The stories that come to you are created or curated by me, Esther Nosazeogie. When I’m not studying birds, I’m writing/talking about other people’s research.

Here’s my best writing (touched by an editor):

Scientists Make a Sweet Discovery on a West African Cocoa Farm

What A Bird Needs

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