Feb 25

This is "Roots": The trailer!

Introducing the first season of Nature Stories: Made in Naija podcast!

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Stories of nature conservation in Nigeria: the whys, the hows, and the wherefores
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Welcome to Nature Stories: Made in Naija! I am so excited to welcome you to this brand-new podcast. This podcast will bring you stories about nature conservation in Nigeria. And I am your host, Esther Nosazeogie. I am a conservation biologist who loves to hear and tell stories. I know you like stories too, so join me. I’ll tell you the stories I know, and you can tell me the stories you know. And let’s have a conversation about how awesome nature is, and what we can do to take better care of it. 

You know, we are all part of a complex ecosystem, and we depend on nature for our survival: our food comes from nature, our water comes from nature, even the air we breathe comes from nature, and when something goes wrong in nature, we begin to have conversations about ‘public health issues'. So, regardless of who you are or what you do or plan to do for a living, this conversation affects all of us.

The first season of this podcast is called ‘Roots’. You may have been wondering, who are these people who are always talking about conservation this, climate change that…? And why won’t they shut up about it? In this season, we will hear from Nigerians in different parts of the country, in different career stages, who are working on different kinds of things. They all have one thing in common: and that’s a commitment to caring for nature. 

Every month, we will learn about how one Nigerian got into a conservation career, where they are now, and what motivates them to keep going. 

Be sure to subscribe, and join me next time, when we will hear from a young engineer about how he became a climate change activist, and why he thinks we all should be climate change activists. 

Until then.


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